1 Sticky, Closed: Future Fights FAQ :: READ ME!

by Justin

3 Snowball Haiku... who's in?

by DontForgetYourShonklers

5 90's Kids Haiku/Any

by The Marvelous M

6 Royalty Free Music / Music Video

by ConcussionProductions

7 It's 1999 And The World's Ending

by woodheavybrown

10 No Confirmation For Entry

by Valley Studios

11 Stuck in Slow Mo

by Javi0usly

12 The Premake

by RandomAxe

14 Death by Chocolate / Comedy

by TheJellyShow

15 Malarkey!!!!

by jamatofilms

16 Glued / any

by Volpov

17 Silent Comedy/Comedy

by The Marvelous M

19 "B.T.S" / any

by nathanielw1996


by deadstrange

21 Ridiculous Super Heroes or Villains

by WillsAnimatedVisions


by deadstrange

23 Blair Witch Project

by JR Films

24 First Person

by ThePhantomMonk

25 Stop-motion Animation

by WillsAnimatedVisions

26 One Shot

by Yellowtractor

29 Trailer Spoof

by ThePhantomMonk

30 Short Doc: History

by romarymj