3 Rejected Upload

by Valley Studios

5 What's up?

by Blane.Bellerud

8 Submission concerns

by DeAsianNext2u

9 Smack Up Truth Talk Get Woke

by woodheavybrown

10 Trying To Submit A Film

by whatevtrev

11 The Puppet That Came Back Submission

by Career Ender Films

12 Shorten My Video Description

by Valley Studios

14 Where's My Submission!?

by Javi0usly

15 Smack Talk

by JR Films

16 Confirmation Email

by arthurdavis95@gmail.com

18 Deadline?

by Tophatballoon

19 Why isn't the fight live?

by matthewfeldman100

20 Where are the filmmakers?

by stefrust

21 What's Happened to Film Fights TV?!

by WillsAnimatedVisions

22 First time posting

by BigDawgTV

26 Photos from your Film!

by deadstrange

27 Smack talk

by goobinator01

28 Votes

by goobinator01

30 No time!

by RedhandStudios