Topic: Do You Know My Pain? (BTW, this is a bunch of nothing)

(This is all joking, except I am actually sitting here having this sort of reaction, but cranked down 99%. Everyone who's running this site is doing a great job as far as I can tell. I'd only read this if you have literally nothing else to do, it's just me fake ranting)

So, 8. That WAS the deadline. I check my phone about 30 times between the time I submitted (at probably 4) to 8, hoping to see in bold letters "Time Travel Haiku" on the front page. It's 8, and guess what? "-1 Day and 23 Hours left". I'm going to skip the 4 hours of crying I went through before I finally made it to 12, the time I was hoping for something to change.

Then, it happened. "Time Travel Haiku". I almost legitimately cried. Like, almost all of this is joking, but I was that excited to see the vids.


*HeavyWeights: BLANK*

To whoever is running that side of things for the website, I'm on the edge of my seat. I'm happy, but couldnt we all be happier?

Anyway, I'm done with my random rant. I needed something to do occupy my time while I waited for the results. No matter what I get ranked in during the competition, I'm glad I got the excuse to make a movie, so thank you all for the great community!

Re: Do You Know My Pain? (BTW, this is a bunch of nothing)

Hah! I love your fake rant smile The excitement of anticipation is always something special. Thanks for making movies with us!