1 Sticky, Closed: Future Fights FAQ :: READ ME!

by Justin

3 Silent Comedy/Comedy

by The Marvelous M

4 The Floor Is Lava

by TruFactFilms

5 Royalty Free Music / Music Video

by ConcussionProductions

6 90's Kids Haiku/Any

by The Marvelous M


by deadstrange

9 Snowball Haiku... who's in?

by DontForgetYourShonklers

11 It's 1999 And The World's Ending

by woodheavybrown

12 Santa Claus is Coming to Town/Comedy

by The Marvelous M

14 No Confirmation For Entry

by Valley Studios

15 Stuck in Slow Mo

by Javi0usly

16 The Premake

by RandomAxe

18 Death by Chocolate / Comedy

by TheJellyShow

19 Malarkey!!!!

by jamatofilms

20 Glued / any

by Volpov

21 "B.T.S" / any

by nathanielw1996


by deadstrange

23 Ridiculous Super Heroes or Villains

by WillsAnimatedVisions

24 Blair Witch Project

by JR Films

25 First Person

by ThePhantomMonk

26 Stop-motion Animation

by WillsAnimatedVisions

27 One Shot

by Yellowtractor

30 Trailer Spoof

by ThePhantomMonk