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Hey guys, been kind of quiet on here for the past couple of months. Just been really busy.
Yesterday my town was part of the Olympic Torch relay and so naturally I wanted to be on hand to take some video.
It didn't really turn out exactly how I imagined it might, but you still get a feel of the atmosphere if nothing else.
Anyway, if you want to have a wee watch feel free, thanks! … ture=g-upl

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You did a great job Chris and it was well edited! You're right about it capturing the atmosphere, it was a good decision to film what was going on off the road as well. I think I'll try something like this when it gets to West London!

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Very nice! Good tune as well!

"God's away on business."

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Thanks guys. Totally, it would be awesome to see what the crowds are like in London...manic I'll bet! Yeah the track's great. Found it over at the free music archive. Tons of great tunes...and tons of weird ones too!