Topic: Upgrading the Audio

Say you had $500 to spend and you HAVE to spend it on audio gear, what would you buy with it? I currently own an H4N Recorder and Audio Technica Shotgun mic. I was thinking about getting some wireless gear but I'm not sure what to go with and what all I need to get in order to make it work with my H4N. Was hoping someone here could give me some insights or point me in the right direction.

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Re: Upgrading the Audio

I've worked with cheap wireless mics (like the Azden WLX-Pro), and a $1,500 Audio Technica, and I've decided I hate wireless mics. They all encounter interference, especially in crowded environments (like weddings). Perhaps it's all the cell phones.

For that reason, I've opted instead to use a small recorder: the Tascam DR-08 with a lavalier mic. I can slip it into a pocket, rather than relying on a wireless signal.

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Re: Upgrading the Audio

Any particular lavalier mics you would suggest? That's actually what I was getting at with the wireless gear bit (still, very useful know that wireless gear like the Azden aren't worth the time). Are wireless lavs just as bad? We worked with one on our Nyar film and it seemed to work all right with the exception of little "rustling" noise when the actors moved too frantically or rubbed up against it on accident.