Topic: Team Red? Marvel Fan Film

Hey, how's everyone doing? Our team is looking into making a series of movies leading up to a single movie called "Team Red" which can be summed up as a group of heroes joining to fight a larger threat, all from the same universe. These characters are Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly), and Deadpool.

So basically, If any of you are interested, we'd appreciate the support, but more importantly, if anyone here as any tips with camera angling and special effects (ex. web swinging) PLEASE don't hesitate to share that knowledge here. We already have and "idea" of the effects and how to make them and the script writing is underway.

Also, if any of you are into a Super Hero, and/or have made fan films, post them here so we can watch them! This can be a marvel Fan Film thread!

If you want to stick around to see where this will go, go to our youtube channel