Topic: Film Fights T-shirt Design

Are Film Fights really serious about making merchandise? If so we need to hear about this! Tweet it some more, post it on Facebook, or put it in a video!
I only found out through a vague re-tweet on Twitter.
From what I've seen the designs are really good. I would be happy with any of them!
Can't all of them be turned into products and Film Fights open an online store like Film Riot did with Triune Store?
All the other YouTubers are doing it why can't we?

My personal opinion, put the designs on Redbubble so they can be put on anything by the customer and is not limited to just hoodies and shirts. Me, because I don't buy many clothes, prefer to get stickers so I can put them on my equipment and so on.
HelloGreedo is a really good example - redbubble   .com/people/hellogreedo … ign=voting

Re: Film Fights T-shirt Design

If there is film fights merchandise I can buy I would rely like to buy it because I love film fights.

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