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Topic: Where's My Submission!?

I submitted my entry for The Dangers of Pokemon GO well before the deadline and even followed up on the forums and emailed Justin to confirm the it had gone through. I wanted to avoid the nightmare scenario that all this hard work on my first film fight would be for nothing just because of a technical error with the site.

My film is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3S23vgPUo5E

What did I do wrong? Is it too late for it to be added to the competition?

This is very discouraging. sad


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Re: Where's My Submission!?

I just checked my email and I was told last night (hours before the deadline) that something went wrong with the upload process and to retry.
I tried to upload again and I got the same black boxes on Step 3 that worried me the first time around:

Re: Where's My Submission!?

Hooray! The video is now included. Thanks to whoever added it!

Re: Where's My Submission!?

Yeah, we don't approve the entries until right before the fight starts. Welcome to Film Fights!

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