Topic: Snowball Haiku... who's in?

My film students over at CSHM Film Club are shooting their next submission tomorrow during class.  They're excited about this one.  We live in Los Angeles so there is no snow, but they have a funny idea to stick with the theme and not include an actual snowball.  They're really hoping to make the heavyweights this week.  That's their goal.  I'm going to keep pushing them to submit to every fight before they graduate.  That is my goal.  Get ready for a bunch of movies starring the same 18 kids and all set in a high school.

Excuse me, can you tell me where I might find the Burns-O's?

Re: Snowball Haiku... who's in?

Yes!!! That's awesome. Looking forward to seeing their stuff!

"God's away on business."


Re: Snowball Haiku... who's in?