Topic: some ideas

I've got nothing else to do (not true), so here's some ideas I've had.

A Documentary - maybe a good challenge would be to try and make a legit documentary about a topic in like a week or two? I don't know what about, maybe it's up to the filmmakers but maybe it's best if we all have the same specific or broad topic (movement, culture, strange people, etc)

Was also thinking of maybe one that revolves around miniatures - you have to include a miniature or have the story in some way revolved around a miniature prop that you have to make look life sized.

Maybe you have to adapt a page from a book, or a short story? Suppose that one might be harder, finding a book that everyone has read. Dunno what the copyright would be around that either.

Well that's all I have to say, cheers.

Re: some ideas

Miniatures! I love it!

"God's away on business."

Re: some ideas

How about taking another run at the superhero trailer?  I know you got zero response around Christmas.  I was too busy working on props, etc. and ran out of time to actually shoot it.