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How come they're only 17 seconds now? That's kind of put me off getting back involved. I stopped coming here for a while because it always seemed to be haiku's but now they're all just 17 seconds long sad

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I'm kind of in agreement here. Yes a shorter video duration gives you that extra challenge to fit a narrative into a handful of seconds, but I think future fights need to be varied and not all follow the same format. I enjoy haiku's, and I like the premise of these 17 second videos, but bring back challenges where they were 1 or 2 minutes in length. The documentary fights were my favourite and therefore need to be longer than 17 seconds.
I say, for the coming months, vary the fights. Have a mix of long and short challenges (Haiku's, 17 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, or longer). The themes don't need changes, I still love the challenges you set; just not so fond of the video lengths.
*I say all this and haven't submitted since 2016. **BUT I still visit the site frequently and hope to get back in the game soon smile

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Hey guys,

We are just trying something new. There haven't been a lot of submissions and we are trying to get people excited about Film Fights again. Having super short fights will hopefuly make it easier for more people to submit. I'm sure once the site starts getting more entries we'll make some changes again.

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I just posted about the 17 second thing in my intro thread in the shootin the shit section. I agree this site looks pretty dead compared to what it used to, and channel101. crazy how time flies. I am interested in helping come up with ideas to revitalize the site, I think it's an amazing idea and we can't let this bitch just go quietly into the night we've got to get some buzz going again