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Topic: I'm back

Hey whats up filmfighters, I used to frequent this site like probably 12 years ago? My old handle was drugs but I lost it due to not being able to get into my old email, unless a mod can help me with that I'll just go off this new one. Just wanted to say what's up and I look forward to getting back into it,  I can't deny my instincts to want to make stupid comedy shit. My main project I'm currently working on is my uncle randal character, my first couple of episodes production quality sucks but I'm slowly remembering how to do this shit. I'm fairly proud of my latest work, where I diss a kid making a copy cat children's youtube show. Here's a link to that if anyone is curious


Other than that I'll see you guys around.

One quick question, what's with all these sub 17 second video requirements? I love the idea of filmfights because you are forced to do something possibly outside of your wheelhouse or whatever, but I saw a bunch of them in a row that had to be under 17 seconds and I'm not super down with that. Good to be back boys!