Topic: "They Found Me Dead" / "Post Mortem Narrative"

title: "They Found Me Dead"

genre: Post Mortem Narrative

start: Fri. May 05, 2006

TIME LIMIT: 4 minutes

The story is told by the lead character who has died. He/she is telling the events that led up to their death. Maybe even AFTER death

This is the fight thats coming up after the Odd couple fight, I wanted to see if people wanted to do this, or if we should replace it with something else.

Re: "They Found Me Dead" / "Post Mortem Narrative"

We're doing it...we've made scripts and plans and everything...

Re: "They Found Me Dead" / "Post Mortem Narrative"

we hopefully plan to do this one as well

Re: "They Found Me Dead" / "Post Mortem Narrative"

Apparently we're doing it. I'm not that excited, but the script is good.

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Re: "They Found Me Dead" / "Post Mortem Narrative"

I thought it looked like it could be a pretty good one.