Topic: "6:1" New Short Film in Post

Well hello there. Haven't been here in a long time. I guess after getting in the lightweights category I ran away and tried to make a better film than it. Over a year later it got shot - a short film called 6:1.

Below is the Facebook page:

It's a dark comedy that follows a 50 year old suicidal accountant who begins receiving visits from a mysterious agent after trying russian roulette.

I registered a company with a friend of mine earlier this year to try and do this film legitimately. We also ended up getting it co-produced by a bigger company that we had worked for in the past, and ended up getting a lot more equipment than we would've gotten elsewhere with our $2,000 budget. We shot it in three days in June on a Red One with a crew of about 20. I directed, shot and produced it, and my friend (the other half of our company) wrote and co-produced.

Unfortunately there are no clips or trailers up on the page just yet, so I won't be able to get feedback from you guys on the footage, which should be out by August or September. Behind-the-scenes photos will be up within the week though.

The finished film won't be online anytime soon however, as it will probably only be done by September/October, and we'll be submitting it to festivals that will be occurring from the Winter to the end of Spring.

I'll come back when photos and video is available on the page.

You can also check out the company that co-produced the film, Parktown Studios:

They've got some pretty cool work to show for themselves.