Topic: NWO

So I have my script written for the NWO film fight. I knew I was going to have a long version but I thought I could cut it all the way down. But I was wondering could we get a min more on the time max? or at least 30sec so I can have a little dialog to explain the reason for the new law and the illegal actions being taken by the main character.


...anyone else need more time?


Hey I know it can be annoying that you don't have enough time to fit all the content you've got it but your fights with Justin on this one I'm afraid. If enough people are having the same problem then maybe?


I was thinking the same thing, but I was still going to try and get creative and cut it down. That's the challenge. You can still do the "extended cut" on YouTube, I would just wait til after the fight.  cool  cool

I need to get on it, I actually have to make costumes, find a killer location, and get my actors ready. Ugh. Costumes are gonna suck.


RandomAxe wrote:

Ugh. Costumes are gonna suck.

Believe in yourself Alex! BELIEVE


Yea I was just checking cus it would allow a little more explanation but like u said thats apart of the challenge. I'm definitely gonna have a longer version too.

Yea props, locations, and getting it all ready is in the process now! This will be my first legit short film on my own so it should be interesting.