Topic: Welcome to a new kind of tension

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The Clash, The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, Green Day. These are examples of punk rock bands, music groups that were/are famous for rocking hard and criticising their government. If you can do that with music, why can't you do that with film? Make a short film criticising your government, and be punk while doing that!

Re: Welcome to a new kind of tension

This is a cool idea and I love The Ramones! This is weird though...Only a few days ago I was watching Futurama "A Head In The Poles" (Richard Nixon's re-election) and thought that creating a political satire film or film fight would be awesome!
I mean, if Futurama (not to mention Indy Mogul) have done this kind of thing...How hard can it be?
In short doing a punk political smash up in film would be AWESOME!