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Hey you guys! Just thought I'd start a topic for any non Film Fights films by RAMUK69 Films so I don't flood the place. I started filming in 2003 (same year Film Fights started) so I was thinking I may start posting videos from my back catalogue as there are a few classics from the last 10 years you may have missed out on. In the mean time check out our latest short  > … 3gr5dqlk3A

FrightFest Bloody Phone (non-entry Test Tube Cut)


A few months ago we decided to try and film something for the FrightFest Bloody Phone shorts competition, we even went to the effort of contacting the local cinema to see if we could film there, they turned us down so we gave up...that was until yesterday.

We had a few ideas down and only have 45 minutes to shoot in a free house so we went with this one. Sadly the audio has an annoying buzz over the top of it throughout the whole video so I decided not to send it in. There was no time for a reshoot as the deadline is later today.

Officially the video running time should only be 25 seconds with 5 seconds of FrighFest end credit but as it wasn't being entered I went for the longer cut.

I hope you enjoy it all the same, hopefully I do a better job of it next year.


Re: RAMUK69 Films

Hey you guys! Last night one of my music videos (Gangnam 2083 Style screened at a local cinema, they normally show one blockbuster a month but this month they wanted to show a bunch of shorts by local filmmakers.

Anyway I had to do my first ever public Q&A, it was pretty daunting not knowing my audience but I some how managed to waffle on about the video for 10 minutes if anyone is interested > Sorry about poor quality it was back of room mobile phone recording.