Topic: Loads of new ideas.

So you want more ideas for next fights huh? Okay, here I go!

1. Toast movie (make a film with toast in it)

2. "Spooky" monsters (Film must have not-so-spooky monsters (bedsheet ghost, puppet skeleton, evil pillow or make one up!)

3. "I like to buy one _____, please." (Film must have this line in it. Fill the blank space with what ever you want. Bonus: More weird, the better.)

4. Dance of a stranger (One man/woman must preform a short dance in the film.)

5. Artsy indie flick (Make a film that doesn't make any sense. At all. Just call it an art and people will love it.)

6. Red Right Hand (One of the character has to have a red right hand. Is it because he wears a red glove? Is it blood? Or is it just the way he/she's born? You decide.)

7. Lazy as a llama (The main character is lazy. At some point of the film he must be doing something else. What does he do then and after? I don't know! I'm too lazy to make that stuff up.)

8. Countdown (Countdown to what exactly? It's your call.)

9. Lower your voice (All the characters in the film must talk very quietly through out the film.)

10. Hypnotized by the screen (One of the characters watches TV/computer screen through out the film)

11. Clones (If you could have a clone of yourself what would you do? How about making film about it?)

12. No more ideas (Your film's character is a writer. He has no ideas. How does he get new ideas?)

13. Make stuff on the fly (Improvise the whole film as you go. No screenplay allowed.)

14. "In the Year X" (It's year X. How is the world in the year X? You know what to do.)

15. Deny everything (Film's main character must deny everything.)

There, you happy know?

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Re: Loads of new ideas.

You are awesome!

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