Topic: Contest for a music video win $

Hello i registered here because i have a band and we are in need for music videos.
I found your forum and saw the great movies you a made and i want to start a contest
about a music video for us. Is this ok with the rules of your forum ?

We have already a storyboard according to the lyrics. I will upload this later...
In the first phase you can all make a entry ( 1 minute max ) - if you follow the rules for the video.
The Winner will be choosen by the band ( i dont know if this is ok
with your internal rules - please let me know )

In the second phase the winner will film the Music video for the whole length of the
song and we will compensate you -the winner- for props, payments to the actors,
fuel, food and all other things needed to make a "quite professional" video with 500 $.

We like amateurs or semi pro`s - cause we are just like you - small buget but pro attitude :-)

Here is a link to our site:

Please let me know what you think about this idea/topic ?

Re: Contest for a music video win $

So let me know if the prize is too low or if you are not interested....cause no one writes..