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"What is Film Fights?"

Film Fights was started wayyyy back in 2003 by a dude named Justin Johnson. He was part of a very small group of filmmakers creating stuff online, and wanted to create somewhere that everyone could hang out, and most importantly, compete and get better! So, he started Film Fights from a tiny shared bedroom in San Francisco and the rest is internet history.

"How do I submit?"

Submitting is easy! First READ THE RULES of the fight. This is the most crucial step in understanding Film Fights ... you have to understand the rules we’re setting forth. We’ll typically give you a Title, a Genre, and a Time Limit, and from these basic cues you’ll create your film. We don’t want old stuff, we want you to create NEW stuff to help you get better, and so that everyone’s film is made within the same basic time frame.

"What do I win?"

The greatest gifts of all... honor, self pride, and the feeling of success from being a winning Film Fighter. More importantly, you will receive helpful feedback from the Film Fights team and your peers. Reviews aren’t comments on your film, but constructive criticism that will help mold you into a better filmmaker. And don’t forget, the sweet sweet satisfaction of...BRAGGING RIGHTS!!

"Can I submit anything?"

As long as all guidelines are followed, and your film is an original piece created for Film Fights, the rest is up to you. Films created previous to a fight release cannot be submitted, even if they fall under the fight criteria. Each fight is an original idea in itself, which guides you in coming up with your own vision. Film Fights is a great way to gain experience and grow as a filmmaker from feedback, so remember, just be creative.

“Who are some other people who have submitted to the site?”

There have been so many great filmmakers that started out on Film Fights. International K-Pop star Chad Future (aka David Lehre), Amir Blumenfeld of CollegeHumor & “A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas” fame, & the great and powerful Erik Beck who was the Creator and former Executive Producer of Indy Mogul, former host of the ever popular BFX, & Director of The Indie Machines. Also Channel 101 creator Dave Seger & famous YouTubers “Barats and Bereta”. Maybe you’ll be the next one on this list?

“What’s the most important thing about Film Fights?”

Feedback, feedback, and more feedback. Film Fights is a great way to put yourself out there and expand your horizons through each film you make. The main benefit that sets us apart from the average video site, is that you can expect feedback that you can learn from. You also have the opportunity to help your peers with any knowledge or advice you have to pass along. This is a community where we help each other grow through sweet sweet competition.

“Who runs Film Fights?”

Our fearless leader and site creator Justin “Superstar” Johnson has been many places on the web over the years. He was an original writer for CollegeHumor, creator of Online Video Contests, co-lead of The Indie Machines, main test dummy of the HuBoom Action Testers, and much more!

Our genius coder and all around problem solver Aaron, God of Code and All Things Rightous Pollock has been with the site since it’s creation. If it goes wrong he makes it right, hence the nickname “Aaron, God of Code and All Things Rightous!”

As for me, I started out as an intern, and moved up to Lead Administrator & Social Media Manager. I take care of the day to day operations of Film Fights.

“What if I have questions?”

If you have any questions at all about us or the site, email us at

"God's away on business."

Re: About Film Fights

Hello there! I'm about to enter my first film for the fight: Godzilla haiku. I have been trying to submit it and every time it takes me to Step 2, it stalls, then it takes me back to Step 1. I have created a group, my video is in widescreen, and everything else is there! Any tips?