Topic: Ridiculous Super Heroes or Villains

It's either an over the top, dramatic, and theatrical Super Villain with stupid powers or ideas for world domination or an unbelievable and melodramatic Super Hero.
If one is struggling for ideas think Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Kite Man, Delivery Boy Man (from Futurama), 1960's Batman....
You know, when super heroes were fun and not always brooding and deadly serious..cough...Superman Vs Batman...cough
The more extravagant you go the better! Bright Green undies over tights, wacky gadgets, ridiculous weaknesses...
This one should just be a fun video to both film and watch

Collage curtsy of moi tongue
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Re: Ridiculous Super Heroes or Villains

YES! YES! YES! This would be the most amazing fight ever that must happen!

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