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Worried what camera you need to shoot a film with?
Feeling that what you own isn't good enough?
Put those thoughts to rest! Just get out there and do it!
Mobile phones are getting better and better and are opening up filmmaking to the masses!
Camera technology on mobile devices today is ridiculous! The newest iPhone can now shoot 4K and 120fps slow motion at 1080p!
Most people own smart phones, or at least knows someone who does, and these can be used to create magnificent things.

I don't know, maybe this will be an idea for a future Film Fight. But if you've signed on to be a Film Fighter and are worried that your camera is the problem or you don't have one, don't be. Film it with your phone.
And on Film Fights we critique and review everyone so you can be a better film maker anyway.

And if you need an example... Tangerine was filmed entirely on an iPhone and premiered at SunDance Film Festival.
It's not what equipment you have, it's the person behind it. Equipment is only a tool to help you with your idea.

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I like it!

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THIS IS THE BEST IDEA EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already film on my iPhone. (not even an iPhone 6 just an iPhone...4. I agree with everything you said about filmmaking in this post. I have to say that you have some very good ideas WillsAnimatedVisions.

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Yes, awesome post WAV!

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I agree and would love to participate in a fight that was entirely shot on a phone.

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This is a great idea for a future fight!