Topic: I really hate these 17 second vids

C'mon at least give us 30 seconds to work with

Re: I really hate these 17 second vids

I'm not sure if this'll be read but when I originally heard about Film Fights, I was really excited to start working on videos again. It was during a time where I was being forced out of a class where I got to make amateur movies with some themes and ideas that I needed to put into there while also having an original idea. I made one video for the site, one where my limit was 17 seconds and it was hard on too many levels. All of my ideas I had to throw away because they wouldn't fit into the 17 second time frame, and I just ended up settling on an idea that I thought was probably going to be done as well (which it was). In the end, my video was crap, I hated watching it, and I don't even wanna imagine the cringe people felt when they viewed it, and it was honestly very discouraging.

I completely agree with you that we need more time. I've seen a lot of fights that I had fun ideas for, but I chose to sit out for because the time limit always scared me away, and I personally feel like it's not just me. I think people should be able to make a video of a length of their choosing, or at least one that's a bit more flexible, we're suppose to be telling a form of a story with our films, and it just seems impossible to make something I'd be proud of within 17 seconds. If I had the ability to choose a time, it would be around 3 minutes for a maximum, while also encouraging people to make films at a length that they feel comfortable with, so people could still be able to make films with a short duration, while also giving people the chance to go a bit farther with their ideas.