Topic: Film Fights (Google Search Problem)

I'm not on here as often as I'd like, but I do check semi-frequently to see the newest submissions.

Today, after I googled Film Fights to get to the website from there, I clicked on the first link which had the url of "" (no quotes) and it sent me to a website trying to install "the newest Adobe software." After re-searching Film Fights on google, I noticed a warning stating "This site may be hacked."
I've looked it up on my iPhone, the warning is there as well, but after I clicked onto the site, it directed me to the actual homepage for Film Fights.

I'm unsure if anyone on here can fix the problem, or perhaps its just a me issue, but if someone could look into the problem, that'd be great.

NOTICE: I'm currently on a Mac laptop, and I'm unsure if it's just a mac issue or maybe my mac is hacked. After beginning to write this, the link on Google now sends me to the correct site. This may be an issue that only I will experience. I apologize if anyone tries to check for an issue and ends up wasting time.

Re: Film Fights (Google Search Problem)

Thanks for the heads up. We'll take a look into this.

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