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Hey Film Fighters!

I'm Joe. I'm very new to film making, but it's something I've always wanted to do! I'm 32 now - yeah pretty ancient for a noob. When I was just finished with high school, being a film maker was the one thing I really knew I wanted to do. Somehow I lost my way, deciding to take the road more traveled and try to make for myself a more conventional career. Well that didn't really work out either. Odd jobs, fast times, and a sort of bohemian lifestyle have been my thing all these years. It hasn't all been bad though, I've, traveled far and wide, experienced, lived, loved, had fun, made a buck here and there, lived in many different places, and met so many beautiful people.

I met a wonderful girl who is a costume designer for film and theater, and that has brought me to the land of Hollywood. Reinspired, and FINALLY having some time and money, I bought some basic equipment and am SO ready to jump in head first to what has always been a passion for me.

Hopefully I'll find you can never be too old to start doing what you've always wanted to! I hope I can make tons of great work, meet cool people, and become part of this amazing indy community I've been immersing myself in since I've started trying to learn everything I can about the craft.

I can't wait to Fight you guys!!!

Hey man you're never too old, I've always wanted to get into film making from a very young age but like you kinda lost my way! I've spent the last couple of years getting to know it again as a hobby and have found some great communities like this one along the way, I look forward to seeing you in the arena!!!  I'm 45 by the way!!! smile

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Hello My Name is Tom

I tend to bounce all over the south and Midwest but I am currently in Florida. I attended South Suburban College then transferred to Southern Illinois University where I majored in Cinema. I have produced a series of short films and documentaries. I am better at shooting narratives but I enjoy shooting documentaries because I get to meet new people and people I would not usually meet. I enjoy Film Making and hope to continue making my Job.

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Hey everybody! My name is Damon

Having the hardest time "writing through the suck". I have two projects that mean a lot to me and have not been able to get past page 60 with either of them. I will constantly revise or re-steer the story. I haven't written a screenplay by myself in over a decade and was hoping that by joining a forum, with so many brilliantly, creative minds; I could find the answers or the inspiration I needed to get over this obstacle.

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hey im chad I am basically brand new to the filming world and also the acting word , I basically got in about 5 months ago i brought a canon t2i camera tripod and a 50mm lens , i wanted to get more into it, is there any editing software i can use ? or even screenplay software's? also im trying to start a independent  film company any advice on protecting my name ?


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Hello. I'm Andrea. I'm new to film making as well as this site. I've always wanted make films but was didn't know where to start. I kind of figured if I don't give it it a try now then I'll never do it. I did take a film class in high school and basically we never touched the cameras and the one time i did it was for a good 5 minutes. So if anyone has tips i'd greatly appreciate them. Thanks for the time to read this.

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i am looking for filmmakers  - who want to make music video for us.
We are a band and you visit us here: … 5441011442

I wanted to become member on this site to make a inquiry about a contest for
a music video.

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Hey people, I saw this mentioned introductions so I figured I'd start here.

My name is Gabriel and I'm located out in Long Beach, CA. I started getting into film at a young age, through drama and a/v club in high school.  I began editing AMVs (Animated music videos) at around fourteen or fifteen and I've been writing my own narratives ever since I figured out that letters are for more than school. Anyways this is running entirely too long for an intro so let me sum it up by saying I'll be starting film school in a few months (I'm twenty-seven but I figure you're never too old to learn something new) and I figured if I wanted to meet people who are open to collabs or need some help with their work, this would be the place to go.

Also, ty Indy Mogul for introducing me to this awesome and inspired website.

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Hello all!

My name is Nick and I am currently a student filmmaker. So far I've directed two short films.
If interested, here is a link to my Youtube account. It doesn't have either of my short films on it yet, however, it does have all my different class assignments. Any feedback on how I can improve will be welcomed!

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Introducing John and Ann Shaw.  Our passion is preserving personal histories on video.  But, we are getting into weddings with some personal history woven into the final product. 

I (John) was using digital video way back in the mid 1990s.  I used a Media 100 system with 9 gigs of storage on four arrayed drives.  It was expensive!  Well, I swerved away from video into programming database driven web sites for several years.  Then I got mobilized stateside and in Afghanistan for several years.  Now, I'm back to video and loving it.

Annie shares the love of history and video.  She has spent the past year or so learning Final Cut 7.  We haven't moved to 10 for fear of another learning curve.

So, glad to be here and looking forward to meeting you.  We live near Weirton, Wv in a tiny town named Colliers.

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Hello everyone!

I'm Candace, and I'm a noobie filmmaker! xD
I signed up on this web site in hopes of networking with other fellow filmmakers! - I have a YouTube channel (CnJz96) where I post tons of different things like; short films, animations, sketches, how to's and a bunch more to come! - This year, I'm looking forward to making a LOT more short films and videos in general, practicing my craft.. and hopefully meeting, and possibly collaborating with other filmmakers as well!! big_smile -- along with surviving my last year of high school! -- We'll see what happens ^_~
Super excited!

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Hi Everyone!

My names Simon and I'm part of Eighty Five Films. I've been a long time admirer of the site and we're now finally entering our first entry. I, like a few others have said in the past, have wanted to be a film-maker since I was at school but lost my way. I attended Uni for a year to study film at age 21 but had to leave due to personal issues. Then finally just over a year ago, I met up with an old friend and got re-involved in the film world by joining his independent production company - Eighty Five films.
I'm 28 now and looking forward to making lots more films in the future.

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Hiiiii.  I've been floating around stalking everybody for some time now.  Just signed up and maybe getting in on some of these fights soon.  Seems like fun.  Working on a web series right now.  Here is the teaser for anyone interested: … mp;index=1

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Just an update.  Here is our first episode.

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Hi !! I'm Albert Antonio
I'm Indonesian but currently studying in South Korea.
I knew this site from INDY MOGUL (great show !!) and just signed up
Nice to meet you all
It's good if I can get to know another filmmakers and share each other's works smile

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HI, i'm Maddy. I just turned 17 about a week ago and next year i intend on going to a joint program for school somewhere in Canada. I have always been interested filmmaking and have just recently wanted to persue it as a career.
well that's basically it for me. c:

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Hello, my name is Cory Nedell.
I'm a hopeful independent film maker from Olean, New York. I've made dorky Youtube videos since i was around 12 years old, and I recently started in a career education program of Audio Visual Production, and plan on studying film in college, come this year. And yeah, I just want to learn as much as I can and meet others like me.

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Hi everyone, I'm Brandon. I am a freshman in High School and make VFX Tutorials on my channel along with some other stuff. I joined film fights cause I wanted to meet some new Filmmakers and enter some of the challenges. I also heard of this site on the old indy filmmaking show "Indy Mogul".

My Youtube Channel: … PwJGLKaPLQ

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Greetings Everyone,
I have recently competed in a film fight so I figured I might as well say hello.  I am currently serving in the United States Marine Corps (12 years so far) and this is just a small hobby I took up for fun.  My inspiration for my current submission was from James Rolfe of  Particularly the "Mr Bucket" and "Dream Phone" videos that he made.  I started making game review videos on my channel (only have 1 completed) then I turned to my film fight theme which turned out to be a bigger project than I expected.  I have come to appreciate the work that goes into film making so time will tell where I go next with my project.  See you guys in film fights!

My youtube channel. … _aW4G__ZUA

Michael Mejia

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Hey, everyone.

My name is Jason J. Phillips. I'm 15 years old, and I've been making little movies in my bedroom probably since I was 10. I used to do a lot of stop-motion animation with LEGO, but lately I've been really into a lot of the live-action stuff.

I'm currently in pre-production (script, budget, etc.) for a project that I'm working on called Letters to Kara. As I just got finished with the school year, I hope to have a lot more time to work on films. Here is a link to my YouTube channel if you want to check out what I've got. There isn't much, but I hope you like it.

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Hello all,

We are Who Stole My Burrito Productions. We started in 2002, when we learned we loved doing video and creating media when doing video yearbook. Since then we have done videos ranging from Vlogs, reviews, top 5 lists and church and nonprofit videos.

We are currently working on a documentary for a non profit organization. Looking forward to creating videos for you guys.

We are 2 brothers Greydon and Ian.


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Hey! My name's Aidan and I've wanted to be a filmmaker. I've never had chance to my work anywhere until now. Let's by the time I'm out of school, I'll be a filmmaking pro! Probably not, but hey, I might as well keep my hopes up!

Yours Truly,

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Hello -
My name's K. Shawn Edgar and I represent Decapitated Pitchers. I started shooting video and super8 film while at Oregon State in Corvallis. At KBVR-TV I produced a show called Northwest Morose and participated in others' shows. We shot everything from VHS, Super-VHS and Super8 film to miniDV tapes and raw digital. More recently I've mainly done short movies and political commentary on YouTube and Vimeo. Mostly create projects on iPhone now. I'm hoping to meet a few fellow video-nut-film-geeks in the Seattle/Tacoma area, and am working toward getting better audio equipment. Thanks.

Simple pictures, simple pictures.

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Hi, I'm Carynn! I'm a young movie maker who hopes to someday be a great director. I've loved movie making all my life, and I want to go to a film school in a few years. My blog is:
I'm also on youtube, so search for me!

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I'm Batman

i am the night