Topic: Going on 2020! Why Cigars Are Still So Popular

Cigars and traditional tobacco are still going strong even after so many decades of being dominant. Despite competition from other alternatives, cigars still remain the go-to smoke for aficionados and newbies alike. Whether you prefer to roll your own with tools from Smoker's Outlet or fancy one of the many quality products there, you'll always have a great time with cigars that just won't go away. This is because cigars have come to be associated with so many aspects of life thanks to its popularity that keeps on soaring. Here's why...

The Affluent and Glitzy Lifestyle

Anybody can have a smoke and still feel great. However, history shows that smoking was long associated with an affluent lifestyle. If you've watched a couple of movies, you'll have noticed the care, precision and glamor with which certain characters prepared and smoked their cigars. Whether it was a little stick or something fat, it's a satisfying feeling to sit behind a desk and enjoy a smoke after reaching a milestone or breaking new ground. What's more, it's a great feeling offering your collection to friends and visitors alike. Thankfully, you can make quite the impression with OHM Pipe Tobacco 1 lb Mint.

Cigars Congregate

Got a friend who loves a smoke as much as you do? It's a given that you'll have a stronger bond with that person. Your non-puffing friend remains cool in certain circumstances but there's more to be had sharing a smoking space together, especially when OHM Pipe Tobacco 1 lb Natural is one of the options you have around. It's even all the better when you have a drink to go along with a superb cigar collection!


Tradition goes a long way for some. It's a significant part of culture especially when there's a rich history standing at the base of an even richer story. Whether it's a hand-rolled cigar or a modern make of a throwback nature, cigars are well worth the legacy they carry. For instance, some families have a tradition passed along from generation to generation where they enjoy a couple of cigars in celebration of certain events, rites and much more. To keep this flame alive, cigars are a must hence the popularity.


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