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Hi there, how are you I hope you're well? smile
It's been a long time since I've submitted to Film Fights but I still visit this website frequently and LOVE what it is and what it stands for. Yes there are times when submissions are low, but there are times when there is great competition too.
If there's one New Years Resolution I would like to keep for 2019 it would be to submit AT LEAST one film this year so come back to this post in 2020 if I succeed.
I've seen a lot of reactions on the forums to the "17 second" competitions and I've shared my two cents on the mater before - 17 seconds (and haiku's) are a fantastic way to hone ideas and produce snappy shorts, but too many 17 second comps in a row can be discouraging. I've suggested in the past to mix things up each month; like having your four film fights each month be one 17sec competition, one doc, one 3min, and something else and change the rotation each month too.
I love Film Fights and am super grateful it exists. It's given me countless film ideas (even if I never did the fight), I've made friends through the site, and I've made things I'm proud of (even if they too are not the greatest).
What I'm basically saying is, I need something to do with my time.
It's 2019 and I've got some ideas for future fights...

1) One Shot Wonder - Your film is 1 minute or less and is ONLY one shot. Can be any subject but must tell a story in one continuous shot like Snake Eyes, Birdman, or Touch of Evil.
2) Bird Box Challenge - Have the film REMOVE one sense from your protagonist. Are they blind, deaf, or have no sense of smell? Go wild with this. Does it e/affect how you film the short too? Is the video mute every time it goes to the deaf character like in Hush? Can we ONLY hear the film if they're blind? Is it a story thing? Be creative with this one whether that be technically or thematically.
3) Documentary - TELL A STORY about a feature or person of your home town. Is there a cool shop hidden away somewhere, a person who helps in the community, or an historical feature of the town worth sharing. We want to know something cool about the place you live.
4) Haiku - New Year's Resolutions; what are you hoping for in the year of 2019? Three shots 5-7-5.
5) Retro Film Fights (New Theme Idea, redo a fight from the past preferably one that had lots of participants or few if you think it could be done again) - Breakfast For Sinners 2011- "Two evil characters are having breakfast together. What will they talk about? What will they decide to do? Will they get an extra side of bacon?"
6) Film Noir - Go classic Film School and create a 2 minute or less Film Noir. Bonus points for fedora or venetian blinds.
7) Strange 80s Things - Go all out Stranger Things and create an 80s themed or inspired short 3 minutes or less. Leggings, headbands, synth, lycra, delorians, moustaches, and other 80s stereotypes... But the story is up to you. Is it a Goonies-style adventure, an Airplane-style comedy, or Rambo-esc thriller? Just make it scream 80s!
8) Horror - I'm being watched. Strange bumps can be heard in your house; doors creaking, vents screeching, and curtains blowing. There's someone, or something, in your house. What happens next you decide... 2 mins or less?

Those are some ideas I've got, some better than others but definitely ideas I'd like to contribute and hope to compete in myself. I think giving a variety of times for each fight will be a good idea for the new year not all 17 seconds, and my idea of Retro Film Fights where you redo a fight from the past could also be cool.
Hope these are okay?
Thank you for your time and I look forward to submitting to Film Fights again
Will smile

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