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I tend to shy away from WD drives ever since we had two in a row crash within a week of each other at my old job.

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millertime83,Nov 20 2003, 07:24 AM wrote:

Travis,Nov 17 2003, 08:31 AM wrote:

NO! NO NO NO NO NO NO. Using Maxtor or Western Digital is asking for data loss.

Go with seagate.

Maxtor = Good
Western Digital = Bad

yet what's in my computer? a 40 and 60 gig Maxtor and a 120 WD. Damn those WD bastards tricking me into buying one of their products again with ridiculously low prices!

I'm sure Newman can all tell you guys how he loves Western Digital. In fact read his review on
I'm on a 2 for 2 record with them of kablooie.

Now I realize this entire post was so that you could brag to everyone just how cool you think you are with all your hard drive space.

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250 gig hard drive from Maxtor. It's doin' fine after countless bittorrenting.


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what did justin use for his avatar photoshop?