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Last time I edited anything was about 5 years back using this big 2 moniter pc setup called AVID, It was at the time THE industry standard digital editing suit and compared to everything else we had it ruled. Unfortunatly it wasn't mine and was far to big to steal without arousing the suspicions of my fellow students and the local authorities.

Now the only editing "equiptment" I own is two vcr's and a pause button, On a plus note I do have a pretty kick ass pc I've been using for sound work and has plenty of room for some video editing equiptment.. so with that said;

What people are using to edit these days? I Just need general information like Price, ease of use, where I can find it and anything that seperates it from the rest of the crowd.

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Re: Editing... What are you using?

I use a PC, my specs are:

2.7 ghz Athlon XP+
10 gb SCSI hd
80 gb regular drive
250 gb external firewire/usb2 drive
Pioneer AV-05 DVD burner
Pinnacle DV500 video capture card

For software, I usually use Premiere 6.0 for editing, because I just like it. I have Pro but I haven't felt comfortable with it, and it's not ilke I am doing anything special in Premiere. Just cuttin and movin. Special effects and text work I do in Adobe After FX 5.5, with a lot of plugins.

Re: Editing... What are you using?

Sonic Foundry's Vegas Video 4.0.

Well, its owned by Sony now, but you better believe its some awesome shiznit!

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Re: Editing... What are you using?

I use a G4, specs are:

Dual 1.25ghz G4
256mb ram (ECH! waiting for $ for more)
80gb System
80gb Scratch
80gb Project
80gb my crap
Superdrive (dvdr)
and Final Cut Pro, After Effects

I previously used a PC with Premiere and After Effects, but my hardware was crapping out on me so I made the switch. Final Cut Pro is pretty strong competitor of Avid's "low-end" editing suites. I use FCP because I feel like I have better control over whats going on. Also, Soundtrack and LiveType are included, and they are fun to tinker with.

Re: Editing... What are you using?

The Miller man uses Vegas Video 4 for editing...a kick ass program it seems.

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Re: Editing... What are you using?

I'm a big fan of Avid. I do most of my cutting on a Media Composer 11, but those are pretty damn inaccessable unless you work at a post house or have access to one through a university. I dig their Express Pro version quite a bit as far as less expensive software. The Express Pro/Mojo combo is pretty damn sweet for around $3,000.00. Very kick ass stuff. I also like Final Cut Pro 4 quite a bit, though it takes me longer to cut on it. Casablanca makes some good, easy to use, stand alone editing systems as well. You can pick up the entire machine, effects and all, in just a few days. It's not nearly as powerful as Avid or Final Cut, however.

I do all of my effects and titling in Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects 6. I'm learning Shake and Combustion as well.

I use Cool Edit Pro and Pro Tools for music recording and sound sweetining. I also use Acid Pro quite a bit (especially for a good, fast scratch soundtrack).

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Re: Editing... What are you using?

I use Pinnacle Studio 8 mostly.  Whenever I need to for whatever reason I use Premiere.  For effects I use After Effects 5.5 Production Bundle.

It ain't Avid, but it works for me.

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Re: Editing... What are you using?

Someone please explain why making simple cuts in Avid is so many lightyears beyond simple cuts in Premiere. It's just snip snip move move.

Re: Editing... What are you using?

No one really knows why AVID is considered the best or the standard as far as I've learned.  I know AVID and I would love to be able to cut everything on AVID, while my buddy is a die-hard Final Cut guy.  I cannot explain why people think AVID is better, I think it's a lot better myself, but I don't really know why.  It might have something to do with the trim tool in AVID, which is a fucking dream come true.  AVID's audio features suck though.

Re: Editing... What are you using?

danirrational,Nov 9 2003, 05:32 PM wrote:

It might have something to do with the trim tool in AVID, which is a fucking dream come true.

Please explain this "trim tool." Will it shorn my naughty areas as well?

Re: Editing... What are you using?

the trim tool just let's you outline the edit between two clips, and trim the ends off of each, it makes making J or L cuts between the video and audio really easy... I think that Final Cut has something like it, but I haven't used FCP very much, and I haven't ever been able to make Premiere do it.

if you want to get an idea of what AVID is like, they have a FREE DV program at their website, it was locking up on my computer, but that's just me.  who knows.  give it a try if you are interested.

Re: Editing... What are you using?

I'm a big supporter of Vegas Video 4.0


Re: Editing... What are you using?

premire after fx
and random other programs
like alam dv somtimes