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Hi all,

     My roommate is in the process of digitizing our high school short films and the plan is to put a nice little DVD together. Since it's digital my penitence for taking on more work that I can do suggested I could reedit the old beasties digitally, add some nice titles with after effects, put a nice version of the background music in, and add all the little special effects that I could never pull off with a dual tape editing machine. All was well doing this until.....

     I have found that Adobe Premiere Pro 6.5 and After Effects 6.0 choke on the mpeg 2 files that were created with an Ati All in wonder card. I have considered downmixing to Mpeg1 files (720 down to 352). This would let me put more on a single DVD.

     My basic question here comrades is, can I do some trick to edit mpeg2 in Adobe stuff without having to do uncompressed(hugantic!!!) avis or movs for everything?

     I've been trying other programs like Pinnacle Studio 8, but found it wasn't quite versatile enough, and again I'd have the same problem getting the stuff into After Effects. I've got TmpgEnc Pro so I can frame serve out the video to an Mpeg2 after I get it into Preimere through some monkeying. Just getting it in is the problem.

Any help would be super rad.


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You could use another program to convert it to something like an mpeg1?

MPEG-2 is wayyyy a huge pain in the ass to do anything with.

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Yeah I tried that with TmpgEnc. I have a file, but a weird stuttering happens wherever I edit in Adobe Premeire, which makes me wonder what is wrong. When I look at the file it doesn't have the stuttering issues.  Thanks for the suggestion.

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Okay I've jumped on the grenade and am converting it in flaskmpeg because it seems to be the only one that will work. I can deinterlace the file and get rid of the lines from the file, but I have problems. When I edit in adobe, I can't get it exact. After I cut and create the file, I always have one frame from before the cut.

1. Is this from deinterlacing, or is it a common issue with mpeg1 editing in Premiere?

2. Do you have a problem with mpeg1 being choppy in Adobe?

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editing compressed files in premiere? do you guys have death wishes?

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Hey cheif, I'm a brutha open for suggestions. I have a P4 2.7 ghz processor, 512 mb of ram and I can clear off a 40 gb hard disk for crunching on the video. I don't have money for a bigger hd now, but I might soon. If you got a suggestion on a good video editor for mpeg2 or mpeg1 then let me know. I only have access to mpeg2 or mpeg1 versions of my stuff.


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Vegas 4 will take MPEG-2 files in without missing a beat.  You can then edit away.  This is one of Vegas's major features over other'll let you edit just about any file format natively.

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I actually gave up on mpeg2 and am doing it all in mpeg1. I found that the ati card has some nice VideoSoap filters with settings that help get rid of the crappy unsteady color quality and makes the motion on screen more fluid. I don't think it's just deinterlacing, so I'm not sure how it's doing it. All I can say is that it looks better.

That and I don't have a chance in Dr. Kildare of finding Vegas 4 at a price I can afford.

I'll keep the technical factiod stored away though, thanks.


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What do you all think is the best format to have movie in in the end.